Nate Crain

We had gym memberships for probably about 5 yrs. I would go consistently for a few weeks or a maybe a month thinking I was really going to get fit, but never had much of a plan and would never see any lasting results. I would then lose
interest and either not go at all for a while or resort to running.

Thankfully a few years ago some friends convinced us to give Crossfit a try. I found the movements and workouts motivating and challenging. I also really enjoyed having a trainer to ask questions and get feedback. After sticking with
it for awhile I started to see some results.

Also, my wife didn’t have to drag me to the gym anymore, I actually wanted to go to participate in crazy workouts
with friends. To me, Working with great trainers, constantly being challenged by new workouts and variations, and the sense of community are some of the things that make Crossfit awesome. I hope to be a trainer that inspires people
to achieve positive results through fitness.