All you need to know for the Open 2019

We will be judging the Open workouts on Friday starting at 5:30pm and Sundays starting at 2:30pm.

Once you arrive at the gym, write your name on the board for your heat. First come, first WOD. Depending on the workouts & judges available, we will determine the number of people to go in a heat.

If you aren’t able to get to the gym during this time, please let Jenn know to arrange for an additional time if available.

Respectfully of the classes going on, I ask that no one do the open workouts during class times on Monday.

You must submit your scores on the app or games website in enough time for me to validate by 8pm EST Monday.

We will have an “end of the Open” Friday night potluck… so go ahead and mark your calendar for week 5!!

Good luck 🍀 and let’s get some PRs!!

*Just a reminder for those competing in the Open – Please arrange your schedules to come on Friday evening or Sunday afternoon to do the Open. Asking a coach to judge you during a class is taking away from the whole class (unless we make arrangements for you) .
If you aren’t able to make it – please reach out to Jenn and we will make accommodations for you! Also, if you plan to do the WOD and have any intention to “re-do” it – Please do it first Friday evening & then second on Sunday. Due to the number of people in the Open, and judges – We may have to ask that if you re-do the Open workout on Sunday, you go in later heats. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!! Thanks for being amazing!! Cheers to 19.2!!

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