Ashlee Fulton
Ashlee Fulton



CF-L2 Coach

Ashlee Fulton

Ashlee has been with CFG since early 2019. Ashlee is married a family of 5 kiddos, who you will see running around the gym most days.

Ashlee also teaches kindergarten.Ashlee loves motivating and encouraging new members who may be new to CrossFit. She remembers how intimidating it can be to someone just starting out.

Prior to joining CrossFit, she mostly ran by herself. Joining a group class was completely outside of her comfort zone, but she remembers how encouraging and welcoming everyone was. She wants to ensure ALL our members feel this same way joining our gym. She also wants everyone to understand that CrossFit can be tailored for everyone.

Ashlee loves watching members set goals and accomplish those goals by putting in the work! “Watching them accomplish their goals helps motivate me to keep working towards my own goals on those tougher days.”

Ashlee’s fun facts: Eyeballs gross her out! She loves loves coffee! and She’s probably responsible for any “running” events you see CFG participate in