Katie Traffie
Katie Traffie



CF-L2 Coach

Katie Traffie

Katie is married and a BUSY Momma to 6,  a lover of all things fitness and taking care of our bodies. Along with CrossFit, she loves running, and especially a good trail run

After Katie's 2nd child, she realized she needed to make a change to be healthy for herself, and for her family. She started making herself a priority. Through this journey, she learned the benefits of physical fitness also improved her mental health

Katie loves coaching and encouraging our members. "Empowering them to believe that you can better yourself, you can do things out of your comfort zone and you can feel good about yourself! You matter!"ㅤYou can find Katie enjoying all the Sunshine ☀️ , in the gym without any air flow or fans, and always planning that next beach trip that she loves so much.ㅤ

Catch Katie coaching most days during the early afternoon classes!